What will you say?

When you die and suddenly find yourself standing before God's Judgment Throne, what will you say to Him? The Almighty, who created all things and holds all things together, demands absolute perfection from any human being entering His perfect, undefiled kingdom. Do you qualify? Let's see... Have you ever taken something that didn't belong to you? [Like a pen from work . . . gum from the store . . . maybe a Dollar from the office fund-raiser box of chocolates?] Have you ever told a lie? [Called off sick when you weren't . . . exaggerated a story to make yourself look better . . . copied a classmate's test answers?] How's about coveting? [No, not your neighbor's donkey, but maybe their good fortune . . . a friend getting a new car . . . your sibling having a better job than you?]

I'll ask again. Do you qualify? Are you perfect? I know I'm not! So, what will you say to convince Him to let you enter His perfect, undefiled Kingdom where there is no sin?

In this generation of 'enlightenment', everyone wants to believe that 'sin' is an obsolete concept. They say it doesn't matter what you believe . . . that "truth is relative" . . . that all that matters is if you're a good person. Well . . . it sounds okay on talk shows, it doesn't offend anyone, and it makes everyone feel good. [After all, that pesky guilt thing can really interfere with you having a good time!] And that would okay if we never had to die in order to find out who's right and who's wrong. That brings me to one of the purposes of this website. I want to help you understand that...

All Gods and faiths are not equal!

Whoa! I can hear you gasping in disbelief. In this 'New Age' of knowledge, tolerance and political correctness, people don't want to hear that they may be headed for certain destruction. And they surely don't want to hear that they're sinners. What they don't understand is that the Bible says... We're not sinners because we sin. We sin because we're sinners!

I am amazed at how many reasonably intelligent people throw logic out the window when arguing that all religions are the same and that the only thing that matters is if you're sincere. However, logic mandates that...

Truth, by definition, is always exclusive!

That applies in chemistry, in physics, and in mathematics. So, it logically follows that it applies to the world religions, too! Either one is right and all the others are wrong . . . or they're all wrong! But one thing is certain: they cannot all be right!

Some opponents of Christianity claim that it's exclusive in its claims that Jesus is the only way to be saved. But the truth is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all-inclusive! You are just as worthy of God's free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as anyone else!

Being a 'good' person won't cut it — but trusting Jesus Christ to do for you what you can't do for yourself is the Key that opens Heaven's doors to you!

Check out the smoking section!       What must I do to do be saved?       Could Heaven be like this?

Which will you choose? God chose this way for you . . . if you'll just accept it!

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

Romans 5:8

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